Below is a compilation of reviews and feedback on the Zoom Series (and books as covered in the videos). It comprises bits and pieces posted on Thomas Mollett Forensics’ Facebook Page (now Murder Uncut), Chat messages during Zoom sessions, and sent by personal emails and WhatsApp messages. Some messages were translated verbatim from Afrikaans. More general reviews can be found here and here.

— Watching it on big screen TV [with photos of TV below]. It’s like a dream watching these episodes. It is better than Netflix or any other crime doccies than I’ve ever watched. Love it. Going to work through them all. (WA message from a medical specialist)

— Thank you Thomas for a great show, loving them and love the series!! (Watson episode)

— I’m not a lover of crime stories or real investigations. I usually feel very bored from such books. But the Oscar/Reeva case really intrigued me. I must say that I was overwhelmed by your findings and evidences as I always thought of Oscar as innocent. Thanks to your book I have more real insight into what really happened. [On Oscar book]

— I find that details are covered greatly and appreciate the effort that has gone into them. It is nice to read about the forensics that was used in order to determine what had happened and to retell the story in a different light. [On Oscar book]

— I have to compliment you on your work. I think you are absolutely brilliant at what you do — I am a huge fan.

— Reading this book was eye-opening, to say the least. A factual and shocking depiction of a very different story to what we read and saw in the media and in court. There was so much more to this tragic case. Thank you for bringing so many forensic details to light. [On Oscar book]

— Thank you so much! I mean because this is so interesting — I think what you do is awesome and you should be more popular! Keep it up and thank you! Till next time.

— Was awesome, always love these!

— Well worth the money spent. Have had hours of watching, listening and reading. Have relistened and reread where I needed to. Well done for a brilliant scope on these terrible tragedies. Keep up the great work!!

— I bought the books. And it was incredible, I don’t like reading but couldn’t put the books down. I found it interesting especially the Oscar book how some things were mentioned in court but as the case continued was not heard of again of which I feel was crucial to the case. Nevertheless, as much as both cases were horrid. I enjoyed your books so much. Just a question will there be new books new topics in the near future?

—- PLEASE do not forget to include me especially the 3rd one — Loving these episodes — Cannot wait. You have done an excellent job.

— I really enjoyed the series. Thank you for the hard work and dedication.

— Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed your sessions and look forward to more next year.

— Thanks, Thomas. Love you and your brother’s stuff! Very interesting, especially the latter parts about the alibi, timelines and motive.

— Thank you, Thomas, much appreciated, very interesting and informative. Glad you made the series available for us.

— I am totally enthralled by all the information you have managed to get. I watched the Inge Lotze Zoom yesterday and am now on the book about Reeva. Can you inform me how we get the other episodes other than the ones you emailed me yesterday?

— I thought the video on the Oscar case was brilliant and well put together. You lifted out the exact points of concern that I was wondering about right from the start like the 2nd gunshot in her arm, the denim underneath the toilet window, the bloodied bat, the seemingly unstained vest…how could the investigating and legal teams have missed such crucial info.

— Excellent work!

— Thanks, I am in Scotland, but have enjoyed catching up on the cases from home. Loved the SA accent and sayings and really enjoyed your sessions. Much appreciated and thx for all your hard work. 

— Well well worth it! Just watched the Oscar case and it was excellent. Thank you! I can’t believe so much was missed. So sad.

— Let me congratulate you. I watched the series on ESPN regarding Oscar Pistorius. I came away with the opinion that he was guilty of Manslaughter. After diving into your book. I am firmly convinced of his guilt as a murderer.

— I’m engrossed in the book!

— Thomas Mollett, I would like to thank you for the hard work, dedication to your work. Your passion for justice to be done is a inspiration. I personally have been hooked, line & sinker from the very 1st case which shaped your direction of your studies and career that is certainly starting to take shape. Not only do I believe that you will be a force to be reckoned with by many defence teams but I believe that many will throw everything they have at you but you will time and again ensure that the truth will come out. You and your brother are awesome. Never lose your passion for justice.

— Thank you, Thomas for the hard work and many hours of your time you put into creating this series. Your dedication and passion for truth and justice for the victims is to be commended. I look forward to another series in the year ahead.

— Looking forward to watching mine on download. Thank you for your hard work.

— The importance of good quality crime scene photographs, sketch plans etc. were emphasized again, as well as correct measurements.

— This time of the year is insanely busy and I work EST hours so I am very much looking forward to catching up on the recordings. Well done, Thomas! Amazing job!

— Thank you so much for an excellent series … I wish there were more dedicated people like you!

— Have watched 1 recording … Certainly looking forward to watching the rest as they become available. Thank you for all your time you’ve dedicated to this series.

— Very interesting, thank you for your hard work and dedication, Thomas, it’s been a huge eye opener and learning experience. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Keep up the excellent work, you are clearly very passionate about what you do.

— Fascinating content – you are a master in your field, Thomas!

— Thank you so much, Thomas – I’ve been fascinated.

— I just want to say that I read both your books on Oscar Pistorius and Inge Lotz and it was excellent. Good work!

— The episode that hit home for me was the one on Van Breda.

— Hi Thomas – thanks for the Packham-case. I thought you’ll speak / spend some time on the Rhode-case – or is that for SERIES II?? (Answer: Yes, once the appeal is over I will do an episode on the Rohde case, a case I was closely involved with – TM)

— Would also love your opinion on the Steven Avery case, Making A Murderer on Netflix. (Answer: Yes, it is on the list for the next series, to be produced and released in March – also on the Elisa Lam case – TM)

— Yes. I am going to watch tonight. Any opinion on Chris Watts case? (Reply: This case is also on my list to be produced – probably for the next series, coming soon. There is an opinion piece on the toxicology on the case, on my website – TM)

— We can leave early to watch the Staircase for tomorrow :)) (Reply: This was one of my favourite episodes to prepare for and present – TM)

— Wow! That was fascinating [on ‘The Staircase’]. The whole series was an eye-opener and so interesting, I’m looking forward to the recordings […] Thank you so much, your dedication and passion in forensics speak volumes in what you have produced. Add me in for any future series or recordings or books!!

— WOW!!! Your Michael Peterson presentation [on ‘The Staircase’] – Zoom Episode 8 – last night was EXCELLENT! Outstanding and beyond fascinating. Thank you so much. Exceptional forensic work on your part! Keep at that one. Your Peterson presentation will be to America what your Dewani case will be to the UK. Can you not get hold of Netflix to do your presentation?

Videos currently in the Video Pool (12): Inge Lotz; Shrien Dewani; Oscar Pistorius; Henri van Breda; Rob Packham; Michael Peterson (‘The Staircase’ on Netflix); Gavin Watson

To come in June: Bird Island; Steven Avery (‘Making a murderer’ on Netflix); Xander Bylsma (Stella case); Elisa Lam (‘Vanishing from the Cecil Hotel’ on Netflix)

Many more episodes on many other interesting cases to follow this year.

Over the course of 2021 more than 40 videos will go into the Video Pool – currently, there are 12 final HD videos in the Video Pool. Videos are on local and international cases.

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