During December 2020 Thomas Mollett hosted a first-of-its kind Zoom series on 6 murder cases. These original recordings have been reworked into 17 episodes of between 30 and 90 minutes.

Cases that were covered in the Zoom Series Season 1:

— Inge Lotz (x 8 Episodes)

— Shrien Dewani (3 x Episodes)

— Oscar Pistorius (2 x Episodes)

— Henri van Breda (1 x Episode)

— Rob Packham (1 x Episode)

— Michael Peterson (‘The Staircase’) – (2 x Episodes)

Host: Thomas Mollett — ThomasMollett.com

Season 2 – Coming in April/May 2021:

— Steve Avery (‘Making a murderer’ on Netflix)

— Gavin Watson (Suicide or Murder?)

— Elisa Lam (Accident or Murder?)

— Stella (Double Murder Case)

— Bird Island

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