On this new eChannel exciting videos on known and lesser-known murder cases are published regularly, primarily produced by forensic investigator and true-crime author Thomas Mollett. Soon available are 16 episodes of his Zoom series, that he conducted in December 2020. Read more about this series here.

Currently, the following videos are already in the Video Pool (for Subscribers): Shrien Dewani (Parts 1 and 2 of 3); Henri van Breda; Rob Packham; Michael Peterson, the ‘Staircase’ (2 Parts).

In time, videos of other crime authors and podcasters will be hosted here as well but for the immediate future, at least 4 episodes per month (30 mins per episode at least) will be produced and placed in the Video Pool during 2021.

The Channel formally launched on 25 February 2021, and currently has 7 final videos in it.

Episodes to come in the April/May series: Steven Avery (‘Making a murderer’); Gavin Watson; Xander Bylsma (Stella); Elisa Lam; Bird Island

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